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Health & Safety

Scott Smith, a Director at Cornerstones, heads the Risk Management Division. Scott has more than twenty years experience in all facets of risk management in diverse business sectors including health care, government, insurance, technology, resources, and service sectors.

Cornerstones' health & safety services cover assessment, development, implementation and maintenance in the risk areas of:

Health and Safety Program DevelopmentJoint Health & Safety Committees
Workers CompensationWorkwell AuditsEmergency PreparednessTraining

Cornerstones can help your business minimize losses, comply with legislation and ensure due diligence.

Health & Safety Program Development

Safety First!At Cornerstones, we understand the challenges our clients face in complying with legislation such as the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act while trying to ensure the success of their business.

Let our experience in all aspects of health and safety program development and implementation get you on the road to legislated compliance with the added benefit of reduced costs associated with workplace accidents, and Workwell surcharges.

Many organizations recognize the need and value of having someone coordinate legislated and meaningful health and safety activities in their workplaces. Yet, many small and medium sized firms do not have a staff member they can dedicate to this activity. That is where Cornerstones can help.

Our consultants will be that presence. We provide consultants on a regular part time basis to a number of clients. This regular commitment produces measurable results in the workplaces we serve.

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Joint Health & Safety Committees

Employers in workplaces with 20 or more employees are required to establish a joint health and safety committee (JHSC) under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Cornerstones will establish a JHSC that helps ensure a safe and healthy workplace, not just one that meets legislated requirements.

Cornerstones is an authorized training provider for Ontario’s Core Certification Program for joint health and safety committees. We provide both in-house and scheduled off site classes. The second part of the Certification Program, Workplace Hazard Specific Assessment and Training is also available through Cornerstones.

Give us a call to learn more about how we can help to get your joint health and safety committee up and running effectively.

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Workers Compensation

Cornerstones’ consultants have experience in managing the maze of workers’ compensation from the initial reporting of a workplace injury to ensuring early and safe return to work of injured employees, to objections and appeals of questionable claims.

By optimizing claims management and return to work programs, we minimize workers’ compensation costs for our clients. Let Cornerstones look after your workplace injury reporting and claims management system. The results will be measurable and positive.

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Workwell Audits

signingWorkwell audits by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board are intimidating and can be expensive if your business is not able to build a program that will pass the follow-up audit. Certainly the possibility of a 75% surcharge on your base annual assessment is a strong motivator to invest a fraction of that cost into building a health and safety program that will reduce workers’ compensation costs and pass the Workwell audit.

Cornerstones has experience in building programs that will meet legislation and the Workwell audit. We have assisted a number of companies to successfully pass their Workwell audits.

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Emergency Preparedness

The losses from a major event such as a fire can be significant enough to close many businesses. Cornerstones will develop a plan to prepare your business to react to emergency situations such as fire, electricity interruption, flood or acts of aggression. The result will be peace of mind that your business and its employees will get through an emergency event.


trainingEven a very comprehensive loss prevention program is only as good as the people who must live and breathe it each day. Cornerstones makes your programs for preventing workplace loss come alive by delivering training and education to your management and frontline employees. Our training programs result in employees who both understand and practice their roles in minimizing losses to the business, their co-workers, and themselves.

Cornerstones has developed a WHMIS training program that provides both generic and workplace specific education to employees. Our training consultants can deliver this program in both official languages. We facilitate the core certification program for certified members of joint health and safety committees and provide the workplace hazard specific training to meet part two of the certification program.

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